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Smoking Harms both Smokers and Non-smokers Alike!


Nov 21, 2013: Ask any man or woman that manages to quit smoking and most will say they wished they'd stopped years earlier. But it's getting stopped, not staying stopped, that most people have issues with. How to stop smoking cigarettes once and for all is the question on the lips of millions of smokers worldwide that are desperate to kick this life threatening addiction.

Not so many smokers manage to quit on the very first attempt, but it's important to learn from these failures and use them to better prepare for the next attempt. Don't beat yourself up for failing, but rather chalk yourself up a credit for trying. If you're someone who has tried to quit smoking on numerous occasions but failed, then you're in the right place.

If you are one of the many smokers preparing to kick the smoking habit for the first time, then you're still in the right place. As someone who was heavily dependent on nicotine for many years, we can fully sympathise with everyone who's having trouble stopping. If you're anything like most smokers were, I bet you're always thinking about packing it in so long as it's not today, right? Keep reading, to learn more on cigarette facts and tips to quit. We're on your side here ;-)

Quick facts: Around 86% of lung cancer deaths in the UK are caused by smoking tobacco. The worldwide statistic is around 80%. Still dying for a cigarette?

Stopping Smoking Never Killed Anyone. Below: Smoking Pics of those who Live for their Fags!

Cigarette Smoking eats away at lungs, the throat & Mouth, and destroys everything it touches. Dying for a fag?

The Smoking effect of Cancer on the Lung Throat Mouth
Let's be blunt here and say that most folks today know the dangers of smoking and well aware of what the tobacco effects are on their health and the effects of cigarette smoke has on those around them. Yet despite public knowledge and those grim cigarette statistics published annually, it seems that the smokers will only quit when they are ready to quit. So this piece is not so much an education on the dangers of smoking tobacco and related cancers (along with other health implications), but more a focus on cessation and improving the life of the smokers and those around them.

Each and every New Year, smokers around the world make a promise to themselves and their loved ones that they are going to stop once and for all, only that this time they really do mean it. And they do, they really do mean it when they make this promise to themselves and others. Today's smokers are fully aware of the cigarettes effects that get inflicted onto others through passive smoking. However smoking cessation is a lot easier said than done. Stopping smoking is the easy part, but it's staying stopped that causes so many problems for those hooked on nicotine. There's also the habit to break which has been formed over years of smoking tens of thousands of cigarettes. Effects on both smokers and those around them over time can be nothing less than tragic.

The problem with a lot of smokers is that it's easy to get wrapped up in denial. Denying the dangers to both self and the cigarettes effects passed onto others, often helps to justify what is a gripping and powerful dependence on tobacco. I, like so many others, didn't manage to quit on the very first attempt. I wish I had of done as it would have meant many more years spent in good health. Even so, I kept trying until I eventually found out that the less painful and most successful way ever was to use nicotine replacement therapy. Knowing how to quit smoking using nicotine replacement therapy is so simple, and so effective, it's a wonder there are any smokers left in society!

How to Quit Smoking? It starts Commitment - YOUR Commitment to YOU

A lot of us when we are actively smoking are masters at justifiable excuses. We zoom in on those reasons why now is not the right time to quit, and zoom out on the reasons why right now is the perfect time to kick the habit. We've said it before here on the site, and we'll say it again; the only time a smoker has any chance of breaking this dependence on tobacco is when he wants to stop more than he want to continue. Smokers can't see the problems that cigarettes effects have on them and those around them until they are able to adjust their attitude towards their love affair with nicotine.

So if stopping smoking never killed anyone, continuing smoking definitely does kill smokers and those who are exposed to their second hand smoke over the years. Why then would anyone want to continue armed with such knowledge? Mores to the point, why then would anyone want to even start to begin with? Although such questions are interesting, they do little to help those already dependent on nicotine. Wanting to stop smoking and therefore taking away any future harmful cigarettes effects from both smoker and passive smokers, is the right thing to do. There are solutions but only for those who really want them. Perhaps the most successful to date is nicotine replacement therapy. Here's a bit of my personal experience with this:

Here in the UK, the cost of a packet of 20 cigarettes is astronomical when compared to other countries. As of Oct 2009, the average price for a single pack is £5.85, which is just under $10 US give or take. Around 76% of this cost is government tax. It doesn't take a complicated mathematical calculation to see that a lot of money is spent by British smokers, and for what? To get sick and unhealthy and most likely die prematurely, let alone make a noticeable dent in the family budget. Cigarettes effects are numerous, that's for sure, which is why so many smokers are trying to quit all the time. Sadly, it's not the stopping that is the main problem here. It's staying stopped that most of us have experienced the most difficulty with.

Men in particular for some reason think that it's a bit wimpish to stop smoking with the help and support of smoking cessation aids or other people. Even when the cold turkey approach ahd failed many times previous and they have seen others succeed with the help of nicotine patches or gums for example, still the 'hard man' will insist that it's suffering or not at all. This all sounds like yet another latent excuse to carry on doesn't it. Surely the 'real' man is the one who stopped, stayed stopped and wasn't afraid to take whatever help he could along the way. Cigarette effects the brain with all of us in much the same way. It is really the attitude towards cessation that makes or breaks the attempt.

For me, well, I should have stopped smoking many years before I eventually kicked the habit, but I was just too much in love with the cigarettes. Effects on my illogical brain were telling me that life would be miserable without tobacco. Even though I was becoming quite breathless at doing the most simple of tasks plus suffering this constant coughing all day long, I still thought it would be just awful to quit smoking. Effects on both mind and body were having a negative impact on how I felt and functioned in as much as I was restless, breathless, and irritable should I go more than 90 minutes without a nicotine fix. Reading as I write this today, I now find it incredible that I couldn't see the quit-smoking benefits at the time that I was hooked.

There was a time where smoking almost lost me my job, not through ill health as such but by my persistent coughing which apparently was annoying my work colleagues. Looking back, it must have been irritating because I used to cough and clear my through all day every day, from the moment I woke up to the time I went to bed, and even then I would often get waken up half way through the night by a chesty cough. Anyway, the office supervisor at the time told me I had to do something about this self inflicted semi choking if I wanted to continue working there. Sometime after that I quit, and also used my smoking cessation as a good reason to raise money for a local charity. The support I got from work mates was simply phenomenal.

At the time of the complaint I resented my employers and the unknown colleagues who complained about me on behalf of the others. I did get some sympathy from my fellow smokers in the yard which gave a little temporary relief to my state of mind, but the bottom line was that this threat of dismissal was the wake up call I needed, and my work mates had actually done me a great favour, even though it didn't feel like it at the time!

When I got over myself and really began to think about my constant coughing, occasional chest pains, breathlessness, risk of unemployment, money issues, long term health risks, and the stench in clothes and home that only comes from smokers, I really started to see the true benefits of smoking cessation perhaps for the first time in my life. I knew I couldn't just quit without help, but I did know that the time had come to quit smoking now, and so I began to look at various ways on how to quit smoking with the help of nicotine replacement therapy.

How to Quit Smoking Using Nicotine Patches!

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **It was only when I was able to remove myself of the denial which I had hidden behind for so many years as a smoker that I can honestly say I had tipped the scales in favour for smoking cessation. For the first time ever as a nicotine addict, I wanted to stop more than I wanted to continue. After reviewing a few of the nicotine replacement therapy products, I decided to have a go with the nicotine patches, and I'm pleased to report that I haven't had a cigarette since that first patch went on. Oh, there have been occasions when I fancied a smoke, but I've always managed to hold onto that feeling of wanting to stay stopped more than I wanted to light up again, and so 9 years later I'm a very happy and healthy individual.

I also want to point out that the benefits of quitting the habit are not something you have to wait long to experience. In actual fact, in only a couple of days of stopping I noticed a huge improvement in my breathing. Day and night time coughing stopped too and as a consequence, my quality of sleep improved.

Today, I enjoy my food much more and I also find myself drinking far less tea and coffee (I enjoyed a smoke more with a cuppa!). I even exercise on a regular basis, and that's something that wasn't even in my thoughts as an active smoker. But I'm not a reformed anti-smoker and I fully understand the difficulties people have with quitting. I also recognize the pleasure and relief smoking gives to some individuals. Most smokers will quit when the time is right for them, and unrelenting nagging from loved ones will not help them until they are ready to help themselves.

If you are concerned about someone close to you who smokes, just let them know your concerns, tell them you will support them the moment they decide to quit, and try to avoid regular lecturing, as this rarely does anything to strike up a meaningful conversation on how to quit smoking. If you feel you need to bring their smoking up in tête-à-tête from time to time, attempt to have soft discussions about it and avoid those power driven arguments. When a smoker begins to fight FOR cessation and not AGAINST the habit, he or she is on the right path however long that process takes. The benefits of stopping as opposed to the dangers of continuing are far better ways to address the issues. There's also a fear for many on how they'll cope after quitting smoking, but the fact of the matter is that people do cope, and what's more, their lives become better as a direct consequence of stopping, never worse.

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Is Nicotine the Most Harmful Chemical in Tobacco?

The dire cigarette statistics published annually seem to do little to deter young people from trying out tobacco. We've already mentioned on this on the site, but feel that is cannot be said enough that there are over 4,000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Out of these 4,000, at least 50 of them are what's known as carcinogens. Carcinogens are those responsible for causing, or activating the various smoking related cancers in humans. But it's also considered that the most harmful chemical in tobacco is that of nicotine as it is the nicotine that gets people hooked and so exposes then to all the other chemicals with every breath. Nicotine is a very addictive substance, but if you've read down this far, then you will already know that – right?

(There are many useful online resources out there to help smokers quit. TobaccoFree.Org is one such site that readers of this page might find useful).

Summary: Really, why is Nicotine so Addictive to Smokers?

Most of us look for a little escape from the harsh realities of life sometimes. A lot of people find food a great comfort. Many more use alcohol as a social lubricant. But nicotine, unlike food and drink, can be taken in all day every day by smokers of tobacco. It not only stimulates the central nervous system, which on its own is a good feeling, but it produces an array of pleasurable feelings, helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, reduces appetite, and assists with short term memory and job performance.

Little wonder then why smokers find it so hard to quit despite the fact that every single draw is slowly killing them and preparing their body for an almost certain premature death and long-term ill health should they decide to continue.

Smoking Addiction is centered in the Mind more than the Body

Okay, so we all know about the awful feeling of withdrawal that comes with weaning off tobacco. And there are many aids that help lessen the discomfort and symptoms of early cessation. This is the addictive part of smoking and is centered in the body. But quite often, smokers light up again months or even years after quitting. The physical craving has long gone, so why do they start again? It's to do with the obsession of the mind.

There is something in the brain that zooms in on the pleasures and benefits of smoking, while at the same time zooms out on the dangers of downsides of this life destroying habit. Once the mind has convinced the ex-smoker to light up again, it’s not long before the physical craving kicks back in and so the poor puffer soon becomes hooked on nicotine once again.

So after a smoker has quit and beating physical withdrawal, it is his cunningness of his mind that he has to watch out for! It will be his stinking thinking that has him right back right where he left off.

A Warning to Young Smokers

Despite a study coming out in 1999 about how smokers who start the habit at a young age face a much greater risk of developing lung cancer later in life, this, like so many other health warning about smoking, falls on death ears. Youth always think they know best and that's not something unique to the current generation but a mindset that is old as mankind. Indestructible, indispensible, and not a care in the world is sadly an attitude that often comes back to haunt the most destructive of behaviours in youngsters as they get older.

There's also a misconception that one needs to be 'old' before developing smoking related diseases, but statistics show that smokers can and do get lung, throat and mouth cancers anytime from 30 upwards.

"It wasn't the coughing that carried him off, it's the coughing they carried him off in – but of course, the coughing was his body's way of saying STOP! This smoke is hurting me, and to continue will have its consequences. Think on dear smoker …"

Start Smoking Young Increases the Risks of Developing Lung Cancer

I started smoking regularly at the age of 15, but that's nothing compared to many kids who picking up the habit before they reach their teens. A study which appeared in the Journal of the (US) National Cancer Institute gave some grim data regarding starting smoking at a young age.

Put simply, the sooner a young person starts smoking, the greater their risks are of developing lung cancer later on in life than those who start as young adults. This is not about how many years the smoker has smoked, but about the age that person starts. The reasons are likely linked to damaging the lungs while they are still developing, the study reports.

Did you know this? In the United Kingdom, smoking is now recognised as the greatest single cause of illness and premature death. There is a statistical average of 106,000 cases attributed to smoking related deaths with no surprise that cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, AKA COPD, and heart disease at the top. Although many adults are quitting the habit, there are more teenage boys and girls taking it up.

How Does Smoking Affect YOUR Body?

To be blunt, there's barely any part of a smokers body that isn't negatively affected by the smoke. Staring with damage to the brain, teeth, then moving on to tongue, mouth, and throat cancers, lungs and bronchi issues in the chest area, and of course moving on to the heart and all the other major organs. Smokers have heard it all before of course, but highlighting the dangers can never be repeated too often.

And if that little lot above isn't enough, let's just end by taking a deeper look at how smoking affects the major organs of the human body. From the start of inhalation, as the tars enter the mouth and throat with each draw so the risk of triggering cancer of the oesophagus and throat increases. Bladder cancer is also another common cancer triggered by carcinogens from cigarettes being excreted in the body's urine. And because smoking increases stomach acid secretion, so the risk of heartburn and painful stomach ulcers grows significantly. The list is almost endless, but summarising some of the common health issues associated tobacco was necessary to complete this piece on the harmful effects of smoking.

Non-smoking Kids Dependent on Nicotine!

We've known for quite some time now the dangers of second-hand smoke, especially when those exposed are children whose bodies and organs are still developing. But what a lot of smokers were unaware of is a report published in the Oxford journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research, which showed that non-smoking preteens who are surrounded by smokers are actually getting hooked on nicotine. It seems that the dangers of smoking never stop coming at us, yet there is still no shortage of people the world over ready to pick up the habit, or continue indulging in it with no intention of quitting.

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Do the high street's 'Stop Smoking Products' such as the Nicotine Patches really work, or are they just gimmicks produced to capitalize on vulnerable smokers desperate to quit the habit? Take a look at this article and judge for yourself!
Stoptober 2012

Don't forget folks, this October, the UK is running a national incentive to stop smoking. This 28 day challenge is aptly named Stoptober, and looks to be a lot of fun.

Risks of Dying in Middle-aged

Researchers in Norway found that 41% of men that smoked heavily (meaning a pack or more a day) died in their middle age. Stopping smoking, at any age, never killed anyone! It is lung cancer being the leading cause of cancer deaths in men aged 45 to 65

Cigarettes Effects Average Smoker

When you hear cigarette smokers talk about being a slave to tobacco, it's because cigarettes effects are not only physical, but mental too. For most obsessed with nicotine, when they're not smoking they're thinking about smoking, and when they are actually smoking, it's the only time they're really satisfied and truely at ease with themselves. Sadly, for most smokers, cigarettes effects every waking thought and whether they know it or not, their lives revolve around tobacco.

Believe me,I know!

Harmful Chemicals In Cigarettes

Most of us know by now the dangers of smoking, but what a lot of folks don't realise is that there are over 4000 different chemicals in tobacco smoke, many of which are poisonous and at least 50 that are known carcinogens (these are what cause cancers). smoking tobacco kills, period!

Still dying for a Cigarette?

Emphysema & Smoking

Emphysema is primarily caused by constant exposure to air pollution or smoking. It's a chronic disease that causes a sever shortness of breath, loss of flexibility, or elasticity of the lungs, and overall damage to lung tissue.

Not only will it result in premature death, but patients could suffer for years with this debilitating condition before their demise. The only known "cure" for emphysema is to have a lung transplant, although this isn't a viable option for most. Despite these grim facts, along with all the other smoking related diseases, smokers still continue to smoke.

Tobacco Effects On Children

The reason why kids are in such danger from second hand smoke, also called environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), is because their bodies are still developing plus the breathing rate for youngsters is faster than that of adults. Therefore, the cigarette smoking effect on your children becomes more intense and consequently disturbs what should be a healthy growth

Still dying for a Cigarette?

The Hookah Effects on Health

Have you ever heard of the Hookah, or hookah smoking? A hookah is in fact a tobacco pipe of Eastern origin. It works by the smoker drawing in and thus inhaling smoke through a bowl of water. Some consider it a more sociable, definitely cultural, and less harmful way of enjoying tobacco than other more conventional forms of smoking. The fact is that harmful hookah effects may be even more harmful to health than smoking cigarettes.

Box of 20 Fags in the UK, 2012, costs around £7

The average cost of a packet of 20 cigarettes in the UK is now £7.00 A moderate smoker might get through a pack a day costing around £2,555 / year. You can do the maths easy enough to see how much you or someone you know might be spending on tobacco. It would be interesting to see know many heavy smokers deprive their families of a well earned holiday using the high cost of travel as an excuse.

The World's Best Quit Smoking Aid

Do you know what the best ever quit smoking aid is? The answer is not nicotine patches (though they are the best purchased product out there), or gum, or inhalers etc. No, the best smoking cessation aid ever is YOU. Without YOU, all the others are doomed to fail. So long as you are determined and motivated then nothing, repeat nothing at all, will get in your way. Yes, the stop smoking products and services can help, but they are totally useless without YOU. They don’t get you to quit, only YOU can do that, but what they do do is make quitting less painful than it would otherwise be.


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