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Alcoholics Anonymous Online Meetings - Do You Plan on Staying Cyber in 2012?


It's often said that misery is a choice and that people are as fed-up or as cheerful as they choose to be. Such sweeping statements do nothing to help those alcoholics caught in the spiral of a spree where rational thought is anything but an option.

But with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous Online Meetings, there’s no reason why any recovering drunk can’t live a contented and purposeful life of sobriety with a little help and support from his virtual fellows online. This new form or getting sober online is also known affectionately as staying cyber and there is an actual website setup with that exact name from where folks can go and share their common problems and solutions with one another. If you're an alcoholic, help is out there in cyberspace.

It is common knowledge that a problem shared is a problem halved and this is true no matter what the crisis relates to. It’s been proved that the more someone tries to conceal a personal difficulty the sicker they become.

2012 - AA now has Alcoholic Help & Meetings online. Alcoholism Recovery Over the Internet

Am I an Alcoholic? Alcholics Anonymous Books & Literature Online Might Help Answer that Question.

Alcholics Anonymous Help, Books and Literature Online
Alcoholic poisoning not only destroys the body, but is also toxin for the mind and it will eventually damage you in a bad way, Whether you find Alcohol Anonymous online or offline a help, or even some other method(s) of getting sober, all you need to know is that there is plenty of help out there given freely to those who want it.

Psychologists would say that people are only as sick as their secrets, especially when those secrets fill them with unrelenting shame, remorse, and guilt. Recovering alcoholics can really benefit from interaction with fellow AA’s whether that’s in the virtual world or the real! It's often said in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) circles, that their programs works, but only when you work it. That’s all fine and dandy if you live in an urban area where meetings are in abundance, but there are remote places around the world where AA has not reached. Thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous Online Meetings, problem drinkers just about anywhere on the planet are now given a chance to recover from their dependence on alcohol.

Whenever anyone does or says something they later regret, it is usually because they were not in a balanced frame of mind at the time. Maybe a sudden fit of temper or an accumulation of frustrations caused the unusual outburst. So with drunks who are rarely in a balanced state of mind, it is little wonder they suffer so greatly by the things they say and do to others while under the influence. This accumulated shame, remorse, and guilt is a large part of why long term drunks find it hard to live in sobriety without help. AA, or staying cyber online meetings, can be a great comfort to alkies who are in desperate need of an understanding ear from someone who can relate to their dilemma.

Staying Cyber with Alcoholics Anonymous Online Meetings in 2012

For many drunks getting clean and sober for the first time, they often carry with them feelings of shame, or guilt, and remorse. For these people, the alcoholic anonymous meeting is far from anonymous in their eyes. A public building (usually a church hall or hospital room), in a public location, is not where they want to be seen entering by a 'normal' passersby. This lack of anonymity is one reason why the AA meetings online has gained so much in popularity in recent years.

The virtual world really is anonymous, and a place where the curious drunk can simply lurk and observe out of site until they decide whether or not they really need the help of the AA fellowship or not. Staying Cyber seems to be one popular website which holds a number of weekly AA meetings online. Each of their meetings runs for a full 7 days which allows folks to contribute and have their say at a time convenient to them.

Over the decades there have been reports where AA loners who are posted to remote locations by work, or just happen to live in far flung places, have still been able to stay sober thanks to having a good recovery program and communications by physical letter correspondence from other caring AA's worldwide.

It's now 2012 and no recovering alcoholic need ever be so isolated again thanks to the internet and online meetings such as those by Staying Cyber. Instant email, forums, and live chat options have opened up sobriety to millions who may have otherwise not hav got it. Virtual self help groups and resources like the alcoholic anonymous meeting online have become a modern day reality.

So interacting in the virtual world with sites such as staying cyber is as simple as signing up for a free membership account, where once again, you can be as anonymous as you like. Signing up for staying cyber will mean you have to provide a username (can be anything) and a password so that you can join in or lurk until your heart's content.

Where to Find Alcoholics Anonymous Online Live Chat Meetings?

Many alcoholic types are full of themselves when intoxicated. They're commonly loud, brash even, selfish, unreliable, and unpredictable. But when sober, it is not unusual to find the alcoholic a shy and retiring person. Often lacking is self esteem, many are able to cover up feelings of inadequacy by acting as if all if just fine. There are many personality traits with typical alcoholics, but there are also many fine qualities they possess too. Sadly, these qualities are unable to flourish in their active state of alcoholism. AA Live Chat Meetings and internet forums are perhaps the best and most gentle way for an active alcoholic to get introduced to recovery.

So we now know that most alcoholics only get to AA, or other programs of recovery, long after they have been in the grips of this fatal condition. We've said it before here on Addicted-to-More and we'll continue to say that a lot of alkies stay away from recovery because of the shame, the remorse, and the guilt, that they have built up over their years of drinking. Being intoxicated was one way of escaping from these feelings. But once they do step foot into the doors of a recovery program, be it that of Alcoholics Anonymous, or the virtual equivalent staying cyber, so many of their problems and feelings of inadequacy disappear pretty quickly. The wonderful thing about AA meetings in the virtual world, apart from the sheer anonymity, is the option of being able to tap into an online recovery program 24/7, no matter where you are in the world.

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Closing Notes and thoughts for 2012

It has been the experience of many that nothing is as good as real person to person sharing, and although the virtual world is a blessing in disguise, if you can make it to a ‘real’ meeting where there is a companionship and camaraderie with folks just like yourself, then always reach out for the bricks and mortar deal whenever possible!

AA is not the Only Way in 2012

Did you know that despite its size and global recognition, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), is actually loosing members to alternative forms of treatment and recovery? This is not to say that AA no good, but more to show the changing attitudes towards therapy and healing techniques. The AA message and 12 step program has changed very little since it was founded, yet the world and its people have changed, and continue to change a lot. Today, many of those with a drink problem think that the 'powerless' concept is not the way forward, and this is why they are looking towards programs offered by SMART Recovery® and others to help them take grip of their dilemma. It's good to know that AA is there for those who need it, but it's also good to know that AA is not the only way in 2012.

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Open AA Meetings Online in 2012

This virtual meeting place for recovering alcoholics has around 38 Online AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings per week and plans to add more in 2012

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